</COMMENT> No J2SE plugin support.

External Test stream: http://bumpy.braille.uwo.ca:9000/egoplay64.ogg

Test if the streaming daemon is working: http://at.or.at:8080/test.ogg

Test if Pd is streaming: http://at.or.at:8080/pdtest.ogg

Pd stream: http://at.or.at:8080/pd.ogg

remote player

To control the remote Pd, download and run this Java program (sorry, its not an applet yet since I am just learning Java). A warning: streaming is often very slow, so be patient for the responses.

The "SOUND" button triggers the raw sample. The "RHYTHM" button puts the sample through a rhythm detection program and outputs the beats it detected. There are five sample files available: class1.wav, class2.wav, class3.wav, class4.wav, and class5.wav. To run these through, type: "open class1.wav" in the textfield and click "Send". Then you can click the "SOUND" and "RHYTHM" buttons.