Objective: Sample sounds at one end of the tunnel and throw it into the fray of sounds going through the pd-cluster.

For a short term performance with only a few discrete sounds, organizing the sounds wouldn't be very helpful. But if this installation was left up for a long period of time, I think it could be very interesting to try to parameterize all of the sampled sounds into a database, then as part of the composition algorithm, load stored samples based on various parameters.


Upon recording a sample, the parameters would be determined by the sampler program. There would be basic parameters, like length and loudness of the sample, but I think the more useful parameters would need to come out of some audio analysis. For example, whether the sample had lots of high or low frequency content, etc.

Use of Parameters

To use the parameters to compose algorithmically, a Markov distribution could be used to choose the sounds. This would provide a reasonable amount of structure while also providing some random surprises.