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I have always been an avid traveller, but after college, I discovered that I quite enjoyed writing about my travelling. And over the years, people told me that they enjoyed my travelogues, so I post them here for general consuption.
My Personal Computer History
This is a quick write-up of my personal history of computer use. Its mostly here as a reference for myself, since I have been reading lots of computer history recent.
Random Writing
This should be a blog, but I haven't set one up yet...
My first website
I built this site in Fall 1996 while temping. I did it to learn HTML so that I could cash in on the .com gold rush.
Grey and Gordon Timbre Space
I took the original diagram and spiced it up to make it more understandable.
Course Work
Here is the online course work I did while at NYU's ITP.
iCal Calendars
I am a big fan of iCal shared calendars. I host a couple that are of general interest.
marker images for mygmaps
I just blew some time making NYC subway marker tokens for MyGMaps. They are a bit rough, but useful. Feel free to take them and do whatever with them, they are released under a CC ShareAlike license. For an example of how to use them, check out this map.
Sound Blaster Audigy 2 + ALSA + Debian 3.1 Sarge
A log of my trials and trevails of trying to get my Sound Blaster Audigy 2 working with ALSA on Debian
DynDNS script written in bash
I just got a Sharp Zaurus SL-C860 and I wanted to run DynDNS on it. I didn't find anything that would work, so I found a bash script called updyn which I modified to make it work for my needs. You can download it here: dyndns.org-update.
Play The Records
I occasionally post to this blog, which covers many topics of music, mostly music reviews and topics related to netlabels.
Can you trust Trusted Computing?
The Trusted Computing initiative looks like something we should not trust. This movie gives the quick intro: http://www.lafkon.net/tc/. EFF, FSF, and many others) gives you more in depth.
profiles for library terminal interfaces
The New York Public Library and NYU's Library both have terminal interfaces to their library catalogs. I made these .term files for Mac OS X's Terminal.app to automate the process of using the terminal interfaces as user friendly as possible. Right-click these and download them, then double-click them to use: bobcat.term nypl.term
pwm duty cycle animation
This file is a animated GIF showing a varying duty cycle of a PWM signal. each frame in the animated adds or subtracts 10% from the duty cycle. I made this file using the pwm object in Pd and taking screenshots. I released it into the public domain.

Hans-Christoph Steiner

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