works by Hans-Christoph Steiner


2010-11 sound for UnderVine, at SFMOMA
2010-09 Jet Ponies and 360 Swing at World Maker Faire (with Madagascar Institute) you tube
2010-05 sound for Terre Natale: Exit, at Alhondiga Bilbao vimeovimeovimeovimeovimeo


2009-12 sound for Terre Natale: Exit, at Kunsthal Charlottenborg vimeovimeovimeovimeovimeo
2009-10 Jet Ponies at Decompression (with Madagascar Institute) you tube
2009-09 Jet Ponies at Gadgetoff (with Madagascar Institute) you tube


2008-11-21 sound for Terre Natale: Exit, at Fondation Cartier vimeovimeovimeovimeovimeo
2008-09-25 Reware prototypes, in Untethered at Eyebeam
2008-06-06 Swirlero Interactivo, at Nit CASM
2008-01-20 nohTimegarden (with Claudia Hart)


2007-10-10 audio infrastructure for Moveable Type (Ben Rubin and Mark Hansen)
2007-05-25 Solitude included in Notations21, "an anthology of innovative musical notation"


2006.11.17 Swirler at ReMUX, IDMI/Polytechnic University
2006.11.09 Swirler at Habitats/Brooklyn Lyceum
2006.08.17 Swirler at DIGit Exposition
2006.08.04 Swirler at Habitats/Issue Project Room
2006-08 Conde Nast 750 3rd Ave Cafeteria, (with Scott Fitzgerald) video
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2006.07.23 Dueling Re-Enactments (with Madagascar Institute)
2006.01.07 Local Report at PaceWildenstein (with Robert Whitman and Shawn Van Every)


2005.12.06 Local Report at Guggenheim New York (with Robert Whitman and Shawn Van Every)
2005.09.21 Death Rattler jet fish at Robodock (with Madagascar Institute) youtube Jeff Stark night vision video
	    of cafeteria
2005.08.31 Swirler at Ask The Robot: Mechanized Labor Day
2005.08.26 Local Report at Northampton Crossing (with Robert Whitman and Shawn Van Every)
2005.08.19 Local Report at Kingston Center (with Robert Whitman and Shawn Van Every)
2005.07.29 Local Report at Hawley Lane Plaza (with Robert Whitman and Shawn Van Every)
2005.07.23 Swirler at Smokin' Sessions at The Smo~King Church
2005.03.11 interactive audio for Analogue at the Joyce SoHo
2005.03.11 The Curtain Falls on What Did Not Happen (with Madagascar Institute)
2005.01.28 YoYo Berimbau at Wood Street Gallery (with Amorphic Robot Works) quicktime quicktime


2004.12.15 Solitude, a computer music composition
2004.12.07 TypistInstrument, an interactive software instrument
2004.08.30 Konscious Convention Interactive Telejournalism (with Walking Prod./Konscious.TV)
2004.08.14 Cake (with Madagascar Institute)
2004.05.11 serendiPd Demo at the ITP/NYU Spring Show
2004.03.09 Compression Phase, a computer music composition
2004.03.05 The Best Idea Ever (until something went horribly wrong) (with Madagascar Institute)


2003.11 YoYo Berimbau at Lille2004 Festival (with Amorphic Robot Works) quicktime quicktime
2003.10.04 Hans turns 30 Interactive sound installation at my 30th birthday party
2003.07.26 YoYo Berimbau at Art Interactive (Amorphic Robot Works) quicktime quicktime
2003.06.21 The Resurrection of Topsy at the Mermaid Parade (with TopsyCrew)
2003.06.17 StickMusic performance at InfraRed Lounge, New York City
2003.05 Growing and Raining Tree at Cincinnati CAC (with Amorphic Robot Works)
2003.05.12 StickMusic performance at Tonic, New York City
2003.04 marblesroll, a computer music composition
2003.03 Klammerafferl, a computer music composition


2002.11.10 Novnain for An Exhibit on Underground New York (with Subterranea)
2004.06.14 Madagascar Institute Goes to Not-America (with Madagascar Institute)
2002.03.30 The Lost Head of Mata Hari (with Passage)


2001.10.31 Solitude in Csound, a computer music composition
2001.10 The Feast of the Ascension (with Dark Passage)
2001.10 Pyrophone (with Madagascar Institute)
2001.06.30 Topsy's Fun-e-ral at the Mermaid Parade (with TopsyCrew)
2001.06.09 The Running of the Bulls (with Madagascar Institute) youtube
2001.05 360° Swing (with Ryan O'Connor)
2001.01 Desert Cheese, a computer music composition


2000.12 interactive audio design for Simbacom unified messaging service
2000.06 interactive audio design for 3Com/Ergo Audrey internet appliance


1999.10.31 Flaming Soccer (with Madagascar Institute)
1999.08 Boing, Sproing, Bonk, Clonk (with ACME Corporation)
1999.07.31 Inflammatory Gestures (with Madagascar Institute)
1999.06.23 The Electrocution of Topsy at the Mermaid Parade (with TopsyCrew)


1998.08.20 Photographs for NY Times article A Different Breed of Freight-Hoppers
1998.05 Pursuaded, a computer music composition


1996.05 JoyStickMusicMachine, Senior Project, Bard College


1995.11.17 Performance of David Tudor's Rainforest (with Richard Teitelbaum and his Bard class)


1994.12 Tape Loop Performance at Bard College (with Sky Spooner and Dow Kimbrell)
1994.10 SIST Program for aiding in the identification of human stress response


1993.11 Two-person Tunnel Bicycle (with Carl Hubenthal)

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