Objects for Pd

Pduino object + Firmata firmware

This is a [arduino] object for Pd and a matching firmware. The firmware could be used from any program, really. The idea is that everything is controlled from the host program rather than having to update the firmware. For complete documentation on the protocol, see firmata.org, for the Arduino library, see: arduino.cc/en/Reference/Firmata

Download Pduino-0.5.zip (Pd object and examples + Arduino library and examples)

Download Firmata-2.2.zip (only the Arduino library and example sketches)

sixaxis - get accelerometer data from Sony SIXAXIS for GNU/Linux

So it turns out that the drivers for the Sony SIXAXIS controller are now included in the Linux kernel. So if you have kernel version 2.6.24, then you can just plug it in, and it'll be fully recognized. And even better, [hid] gets all of the data from it, except for the accelerometer. So I wrote [sixaxis], which is meant to be used in conjunction with [hid], to get the accelerometer data. This controller is unusual because all of its buttons are also pressure sensitive. That means for each button, you also get an analog report between 0 255.

Download sixaxis-0.0.tar.bz2

aka.wiiremote - Wii Remote support for Mac OS X

This is a port of aka.wiiremote for Max/MSP It is currently very rough, it only gives you the basic data using bangs. Check out wiimote for GNU/Linux and WiiSense for Windows. Both of these work much better than this one.

Download aka.wiiremote-2008-07-22.zip

libdir - unified library format

Now you can use libdirs with all versions of Pd 0.40 or newer using this library and associated objects.

Download libdir-0.0.zip


Here is an alpha test release of the unified [hidio] object for GNU/Linux and Mac OS X. It is based on the older [hid], but has a lot of improvements to make it easier to use in performance, and make the message names more human readable.

Download hidio-0.1.tar.bz2

stat - get file info

Another libc port: stat. It lets you get all sorts of data from a file. Quite handy for a number of things, like testing what kind of file something is, or what the atime, ctime, or mtime are. Should work on all platforms.

Download stat-0.1.tar.bz2

passwd utils

Call me crazy, but I just made some objects so that you can get the info from /etc/passwd and /etc/group, and convert between UIDs/GIDs and usernames/groupnames.

Download passwd_utils-0.1.tar.bz2

PWM (Pulse-width modulation)

Here are two objects for doing PWM in Pd, one at message rate, the other at audio rate.

Download pwm4pd-0.1.tar.bz2


This object automatically scales a stream of numbers to an output range.

Download autoscale-1.6.zip

[hid] + mapping objects

Here is an alpha test release of the cross-platform, unified [hid] object. It uses a event type/code naming scheme taken from the Linux input event system, since it is much cleaner than Microsoft DirectX, Apple HID Manager, or the USB HID schemes.

Download hid-0.6.tar.bz2


This is an external for controlling the force feedback device in an iFeel mouse. Its currently for linux only.

Download ifeel-0.1.2.tar.gz


This object list files based on a wildcard pattern. Its basically like "ls -Ad1".

Download folder_list-2006-03-26.tar.bz2


This object gives you direct access to the Linux input event system. The objects are deprecated since I am working on a unified, cross-platform HID object for Pd.

Download linuxhid-2003.11.17.tar.gz

Various Packages

Here are some binaries that I compiled though not necessarily contributed any code to.


All of the patches from the Pure Data Documentation Project. Drop them in your doc/5.references for snazzy linked help patches. (Still a work in progress). These are Pd patches, so they'll work on any platform. Guenter Geiger's [pwd] is needed for the link functionality. A x86/Linux and Darwin versions [pwd] are included.

Download: pddp_2005-04-25.zip

OSC for Mac OS X

Compiled on August 13th, 2004 as individual objects using Pd-0.38-0-test4.

Download OSC_2004-08-13.tar.bz2

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