Haptic* interfaces for multimedia

I am using "haptic" joysticks and mice to experiment with using haptic feedback in musical instruments. The joysticks are capable of forces, damping, and vibration. The mice are capable of pulses and vibrations. While they are far from the optimal device for haptic feedback, they are very affordable, relatively straightforward to use, and are often good musical controllers.


Belkin nostromo n30 (F8GDPC001)

Logitech iFeel (M-UN58a/830604-0000)

It is dark grey with light grey buttons. Its kind of a crappy mouse, but it vibrates.

HP Force Feedback Web Mouse (H7011)

Saitek Touch Force Optical ()

There are some sites with more information about the iFeel protocol:


Saitek Cyborg 3D Force

The forces are quite strong, but it seems to have a bit of noticeable latency. It is not super sensitive. The controllers have 12-bit resolution.

AVB Pegasus Force Joystick

Apparently, "it is very massive and not very sensitive." But I haven't tried it.

Logitech Wingman Force Joystick

This is supposed to be well supported. Its feedback is sensitive, but with very weak force. The controllers very low resolution, only 7 bits.

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Haptic: Refers to all the physical sensors that provide a sense of touch at the skin level and force feedback information from muscles and joints. [source]

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