StickMusic is an instrument comprised of two haptic devices, a joystick and a mouse, which control a phase vocoder in real time. The purpose is to experiment with ideas of how to apply haptic feedback when controlling synthesis algorithms that have no direct analogy to methods of generating sound in the physical world.

You can get the paper here: web quality 180k -  print quality 620k


I still have much to learn in terms of playing stickmusic and there are a number of technical glitches, but there are moments that portray well what I am trying to get to.

Hans-Christoph Steiner performing with
		StickMusic at Tonic in New York


Here are a few excerpts from the Tonic performance on May 12th, 2003.


StickMusic is still very much a work in progress. But if you are interested, you can download the most recent version:

source: stickmusic_2005-04-05.tar.bz2

current CVS tarball: stickmusic.tar.gz

mp3: stickmusic-2003.05.10-00.50.06.mp3

It is a collection of Pd patches. But it needs of number of key objects (the ff lib, the Linux HID objects) it only runs on GNU/Linux.

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