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I started woodworking in 1984 in my grandfather's shop. I have built everything from speakers to tables to stage sets.


As a child, I was a bit of a pyromaniac. I am happy to say that in my trials and trevails, no one was hurt more than minor burns and some serious loss of hair. In the process of these experiences, I learned a lot about how fire behaves in its many incarnations. Now, as an adult, I have had the opportunity to utilize fire in a myriad of ways, drawing on my childhood experience. I have contributed to projects ranging from musical flamethrowers to explosive goal posts.

Example Projects

Death Rattler jetfish
Engineered and built moving mechanism for jet-powered fish-skeleton that you can ride. Worked with team of 9 to develop the finished installation.
360° Swing
Designed and built a swing which allows the rider to swing around 360°
Aided in the design and construction of a set of MIDI-controlled, pitched flamethrowers.

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