networking experience

While I have varied networking experience, my primary interest in networking now is broadening access to the internet to as many people as possible. Digital media in combination with the internet massively reduces the costs of communication and publishing any kind of media, from writing to music to video. This combination also makes a vast amount of information available. These services should be viewed as a public need, which access provided to everyone, much like the telephone, or even plumbing.

I am working to further these goals in a number of ways.

I am especially interested in working with non-profit organizations whose cause I also believe in. I am willing to work on a sliding scale, depending on what an organization can pay and the value that I see that organization providing. I will work for free for the right organization.

Pitch me a project stating the available payment and I will say what I need to do it.

Networking Projects

Neighbornode is a project to bring the feeling of neighborhood to the internet by spreading free wireless internet access points that also provide site-specific services. On this project, I work to find ways to make setting up a Neighbornode as easy and effective as possible. server
I built and currently maintain a server to provide free internet services to a range of non-commercial entities, from art groups and artists to activists to free software developers.

Ongoing Activities

House Automation 2000→present
Currently my house server acts as X10 home automation server, and a stereo (mp3, CD, FM radio) controllable from an infrared remote. Lights, fans, AC units, heaters, and the reseting the This machines also serves DNS, Mailman, router, firewall, file and web server.
Rebuilding Old Computers for Donation 1999→present
Salvaged old computers from my employers Razorfish, LaForce & Stevens, as well as other sources. I rebuilt them, and donated them to non-profits around the city, gaining a tax deduction for the companies involved and providing broader access to technology.

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