Pd Installers

See the Downloads page for less beta releases. This page is for the test releases. The core Pd distro is available on Miller Puckette's site The final releases are on the SourceForge downloads page.

These installers are definitely very beta. I work on them whenever I have time, here and there, generally in bursts of a couple weeks every few months. All of my work in GPL'ed and in the CVS, so if you want something fixed or done, its possible to do it yourself. That is what I did with these installers, building upon the work on so many others.

I'd definitely work on this more if I could get a little money to do it. Then I wouldn't have to do other freelance jobs. No amount is too small, anything is appreciated. If I got $1 from each downloader, I would be very happy.

Pd-extended Test Releases

Lots of changes, got the first complete(-ish) build with the new extended build system. I left as much of the old functionality in place as possible, definitely were it was being used. But there are some changes that break backwards compatibility, thought they should be noticed by few, and be easy to fix going forward.

Some highlights:

Coming soon...
Mac OS X
Coming soon...

Things seem to be working fine. Try things out and post to the list when things are broken. If I don't hear of any problems, I'll make this the release and stick it on the SourceForge page.

These, among others, are included:

There is some stuff in the process of being added:

Previous Release

Here is the previous release: Pd-0.38.4-extendedRC2

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